Nowadays, it is essential to make an informed choice when choosing an investment property. As the prices of assets continue to increase, it is becoming difficult for first-time buyers to break into the market. Hence, renting a home may work out to be more affordable than buying a property in the area you want to live. So if you decide to rent and invest, it is important to get the right advice about the best steps to rent-vest and build your property portfolio.


  • Gives you an opportunity to join the property market sooner with a smaller deposit, contrary to waiting particular years until you can afford your dream home.
  • You can buy a property in a more affordable area than where you actually want to live.
  • The present tax system is great for property investors. You could get various tax deductions on your property investment and property maintenance costs.
  • Has the immense potential to grow equity and overall wealth.  Buying a property based on investment capability rather than lifestyle and any other factors.
  • Greater adaptability to select a budget and plan that suits you.
  • Allows you to be compassionate when it comes to choosing an investment.
  • Start by making your property portfolio which will allow you to save and build your dream home in the future

For a smart way to becoming a homeowner, Enter the Market will guide you through your renting and investing needs.

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