Our Vision

To be the preferred choice and trusted professionals, enabling our customers, communities and staff to prosper.

Our Mission

Empowering people to live life on their terms.

About Us

  • Enter The Market is a division of My Money House Pty Ltd.
  • My Money House Pty Ltd through its affiliates have over 25 years of experience in helping Australians with their home, financial, investment and insurance needs.
  • All MMH staff are salaried employees to ensure members needs are at the forefront of all services.
  • Working together with nationally known and accredited professional group of affiliates to make HOME OWNERSHIP a reality for all Australians.
Property Investment myths
Things to keep in mind before buying a new house:

Five simple goals for our members

  1. Understand and reduce debt
  2. Own your own home sooner
  3. Reduce tax and increase cash flow
  4. Secure your income for retirement
  5. Protect what you have built