Enter The Market is a division of My Money House Pty Ltd. My Money House Pty Ltd, through its affiliates, have over 25 years of experience in helping Australians with their home, financial, investment and insurance needs.

ETM is eager to help you make strategic and well-considered property investment decisions. ETM with My Money House can work with you to provide a long-term property investment plan that not only meets your needs ,but also provides the best principles to make sure you meet your expectations and goals in the future.

Our staff are engaged to a high standard of best practices to ensure that our members can deal confidently with them and provide good property investment advice. Moreover, our advisers can explain the risks associated with investing and can verify whether your investment plan matches your risk profile. We can also offer recommendations encouraged by clear guidance and reasoning regarding all aspects of property investment.

Let us assist you in finding your first home and the right deal that fits your investment strategy and your requirements. We will turn your dreams into reality and we will make sure to furnish you with the best service.

So what are you waiting for? Request a callback. Just give us a few details, and we will call you very soon.

All MMH staff are salaried employees to ensure members’ needs are at the forefront of all services. We work together with nationally known and accredited professional group of affiliates to make HOME OWNERSHIP a reality for all Australians.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice and trusted professionals.

Our Mission

Empowering people to live life on their terms.


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Benefits of Real Estate Investing


Enter the Market identifies properties where the monthly rent is at least 5% of the purchase price. With these properties, you can build equity on your investment property without paying a monthly mortgage payment.


Properties identified through Enter the Market extensive Top Down property identification process, although not guaranteed, are predicted to increase in value over time.


Whether you’re new to the market or a serial investor, Enter the Market will guide you through all phases of acquisition.